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Ultrasonic "crash"?you have to know the repair method(3)
Ultrasound "crash" maintenance method : you have to know
The "dead" fault of the ultrasound equipment is the same as the "dead" fault that the computer often encounters. Sometimes it will be turned off and then turned on again, and the machine will work normally. However, sometimes the "dead" phenomenon can not be ruled out by any means of emergency. Under such conditions, maintenance workers must not be anxious, and should patiently and meticulously look for the cause of the "dead" failure, thereby eliminating the "dead" failure.

Fault phenomenon 3
At the beginning, suspected areas have taken measures, but can not eliminate the "crash" fault.Later, it was found in random observation that the machine "froze" the image during normal operation, and then pressed the "freeze" button after measurement to remove the "freeze" image, but the machine could not return to the real-time check status.Several experiments, in the image freeze, the necessary measurement, can not be carried out next operation check, so suspected machine freeze key problem. 

It was found that the freezing key of the machine was cracked due to frequent operation, which caused the elastic change of the key switch.In the normal operation of the machine, after pressing the freeze key, the switch is closed, the image is frozen, and the button is released. The button switch should be disconnected immediately for other operations.

Because this switch phosphorus copper plate crack, elasticity is insufficient, in the button switch external force release, the contact is not immediately bounced off, but very slow bounced off.The time required for this popping process is sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, and in this time process, the operation of other function keys are not working, there is a "crash" fault.
Solution: because the switch phosphorus copper plate has a crack, the switch slug become poor, so that the switch can not be used.And this switch is more special, the market cannot buy, so from the other position of the keyboard to find a switch that is not commonly used, from now on the machine "crash" fault never appeared again.

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