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Fault phenomenon

Dark lines appeared in the ultrasound images. There is a dark line on the ultrasound image of GE Logiq9 color Doppler Ultrasound. There is no echo signal in the dark line area. When the image is formed, the position of the probe is moved, while the position of the dark line is always fixed.

Fault analysis
After scanning the machine probe with the coupling agent, it is found that the edge of the dark line of the
image is obvious. According to the analysis of the principle of the formation of the ultrasound image and the structure of the color Doppler ultrasound, the cause of the failure may be the problem of the corresponding probe wafer or the corresponding channel. Switching different probes for testing, it is found that each probe has the same dark line, and each probe has the possibility of wafer damage at the same time. It can eliminate the damage of the probe, and the failure may occur on the corresponding channel board. There are 8 channel boards in the front end of GE Logiq9 color Doppler Ultrasound. The corresponding ultrasonic transmitting and receiving and A/D conversion are carried out. Eight channel boards correspond to different probe channels. Each board processes 24 channels. Mark the corresponding dark line position, shutdown and switch channel board position on the display image. When switching to the fourth channel board, the corresponding dark line position on the image moves. Then cross-check with another channel board and the fourth channel board to determine that the fault occurs on the fourth channel board.

The signal processing channel boards of modern high-end color Doppler Ultrasound usually have 2, 4 or even 8 boards. These channel boards are identical. When the image is dark, the positions between the channel boards can be changed. The replacement method is used to achieve the purpose of diagnosis and lock the fault parts accurately. The machine returned to normal after replacing the fourth passage board.

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