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The chip maintenance
The chip damage causes the signal attenuation of the image, and there are dark shadows, interference, defects and other blind areas in the image, making it impossible for doctors to diagnose the lesion.We can replace the chip head and make it restore the original characteristics.

Lens maintenance
In direct contact with the human body and the outside world, the lens is prone to impact, scratch, wear, corrosion, cracking, degum, foaming and so on, resulting in unqualified images.To avoid danger, harm to the human body and misdiagnosis, doctors are reluctant to use the probe with the damages.

Strain relief repair
The probe examined the patient from different angles, which aggravated the fatigue fracture of the cable sheath at the root of the probe. The cable lost its protective layer, which led to the damage of the cable. Thus we started the business of replacing the sheath.

Housing maintenance
The probe shell will crack and the plastic will be deformed due to impact and wear.

Cable maintenance
When the probe is used in multiple directions, the bending and torsion of the cable will cause the insulation layer of the outer protection zone of the cable to break, exposing the thin signal line inside. As a result of the damage and break of the shielding layer, the image will show interference ripples, defects and dead machine.

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