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               Common faults of GE ultrasound machine
System Faults Solutions
LOGIQ 500 No image when scanning far field Check power supply, reinsert the circuit board. Suggest to do metal earthing.
LOGIQ 500PRO Artifacts appear in color flow imaging (betweentimes)
Replace ACFP3 board
LOGIQ 200E No image on displayer, whereas normal image in workstation Fix displayer
LOGIQ 200E Curved lines interpolated into sector-shaped image, from near field to far field Replace DSC board, and make sure the system earthing
LOGIQ 200 No sound for the probe, requires multiple startup Detect low voltage and external power supply (MST)
LOGIQ BOOK Lithium battery- short life Replace lithium battery, and upgrade the system to 2349040-23 KB824146
Reinstall the system
LOGIQ 400MD cardiac probe shows clutter filte, interference in far field Repair cardiac probe S317, then test the voltage
LOGIQ 400MD Noisy in probe, no waves in scan area Connecting board failure, try to connectwith TRDR and HBFR
LOGIQ 400CL Automatic interruption High voltage failure, need repair
LOGIQ 180 Screen wobble Displayer failure, need stabilized voltage supply
LOGIQ 500MD No image after boot (betweentimes) Detect five low voltage value 
LOGIQ 200PRO No image Detect the channel board
LOGIQ 9 No scan area, no ultrasound image MSTE and high voltage power supply failure, need repair
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