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Siemens Acuson X150 system maintenance

Fault phenomenon:

The system is properly starting-up, and after entering the ultrasonic working interface, the image appears flickering. The outside of the image area displays normal.
Fault image:

Failure analysis:

The machine showed an abnormality in the ultrasound image. A corresponding image appeared when the probe was pressed, indicating that the machine's transmitting and receiving parts were functioning properly. Ultrasound probe will emit sound when working. When you switch each probe and put the probe in your ear, listen carefully to the working sound of the probe. It is found that each probe's sound is intermittent  during working. It was judged that the ultrasonic image appears flickering and excluded the possibility of the probe failure itself.
The probe operating voltage is provided by the DC power module and transmitted to the probe via TI board of the probe interface, so it can be determined that the fault is caused by the DC power supply or the TI board.
Testing and repairing:

Replace the TI board and the machine resumes normal operation.
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