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How to repair ultrasonic equipment crash?
Equipment brand: Hitachi color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Model: EUB-8500
Fault phenomenon
Machine self-check but appear "crash" fault, repeated boot can not solve the problem, so that the machine can not operate.

Fault description
Find out the cause "crash" failure is due to the cAPTuRE button on the keyboard can not be reset, and the cause of buttons can't reset is to check the use of toilet paper, because paper is poorer, cabinet, at the end of the paper, the process of using these cabinet, scattered on the keyboard at the end of the paper, the paper scraps, at the end of the paper like sand plug into the key switch, the switch press were plugged in the position of the press, loosen the button, switch can not reset itself.

When the Hitachi color ultrasound EUB-8500 equipment maintenance machine starts up for self-inspection, it will check these switches that have not returned to the original state, and then it will send an alarm that the self-inspection finds fault and cannot proceed down, causing the machine to appear "crash" fault.Take apart the machine, clean the keyboard board, trouble is eliminated.This is due to dust problems caused by the "crash" fault.



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