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Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(1)
Philips IE33 is the world's most advanced ultrasonic diagnostic device for cardiac ultrasound, which can dynamically display the intracardiac structure, heart beat and blood flow. It has a new field of vision to probe the cardiac structure, real-time multi-dimensional imaging and parameter quantification, making diagnosis faster and more accurate.Superior angiography performance, greatly increased color blood flow sensitivity, for the observation of the heart, large vessels, peripheral vessels and viscera vessels pathophysiological changes, known as "non-traumatic angiography".

In this paper, the fault of Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument was summarized, and the causes of the fault and the maintenance process were analyzed for reference.

Fault phenomenon
Medium intermittent crash is used with error 200. After error is reported, on/standby cannot be used. After power is directly turned off and restarted, it can be used normally.

Rebrush the SIP and DSC software and the problem reappears after a few days of normal use.See system error code, prompt DSC problem: prompt message is data refresh timeout.According to this error message, it is suspected to be a fault of DSC, but it needs to be confirmed that this error message is the root cause of the system problem.Check the initial error message and the prompt is not DSC: the problem with this error message is Dolphin's communication. Continue to check the log: the prompt points to Node ID4, the Dolphin board of HOST.Replace the dolphin card and IPL line of HOST, and reinstall the software for troubleshooting.

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