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Troubleshooting of GE Vivid 7 crashes

Fault phenomenon
GE VIVID7 color ultrasound equipment crashed twice within 2 weeks, but it was normal after restarting, and it completely crashed on Monday in the third week.
Error reported at startup: DolphUI (0x490): ACQ-SRC: RFT download ing failed!
After displaying the Windows XP interface, an error is reported and the sound window cannot be entered.

First of all, it is suspected that the system files are lost. After reinstalling the system, the failure remains. Then replace the hard disk, install with a new hard disk, enter the fifth bar of the progress bar when restarting to the Windows 2000 interface, and die. Restarting the system installation can continue, but the system files cannot be installed completely. After the hard disk is replaced with the same device, the installation is completed automatically, and the device starts normally, eliminating the hard disk failure.

Now that ultrasound technology is relatively mature, most manufacturers design ultrasound equipment into a front-end probe receiving and transmitting part and a back-end image processing part. RFT is the communication board between the front-end and back-end. According to the fault prompt, it is presumed to be a front-end and back-end communication failure of the device. If the RFT communication board is replaced with the same device, the fault remains unchanged, so it is determined to be a back-end PC motherboard failure.

After replacing the RFT board of the original device, the error report changes as follows:
DolphShell.exe has generated errors and will be closed bywindows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created.

After replacing the VGA (Video Capture Card, hard disk module), the failure remains unchanged, and after replacing the power supply, the failure remains unchanged, so the main board failure is judged.

Because the front-end and back-end communications are serial links, start with serial communications. The back-end computer has the same serial port structure as the desktop computer for office use. When the serial port of the computer is normal, its 17 feet should be level-free. If you remove the three insurances of the parallel port and there is no level, you should suspect it is a serial management chip The problem. After replacing the serial port management chip GD75232, the fault is resolved and the device returns to normal.
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