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GE LOGIQ3 fault maintenance case 3

Fault phenomenon
GE LOGIQ3 machine starts up normally, but the machine runs slowly after a period of time.

Failure analysis
To ask about the failure condition of the machine with Department personnel in the hospital,they just express the machine is operating slow,when arrived at the scene the machine is running, switch the sensor and switch to check mode machines obvious find the machine response is slow, after restart the machine found it runs normally, and no slow phenomenon existed, to ask personnel consult and realized the machine will be response slow after a period of time using.Due to the high service life of the machine, it may be judged that the system runs slowly due to the accumulation of too many system files, and the system needs to be reinstalled.
When disassembling the PC case, the temperature of the metal case was found to be high, so we suspected that there was something wrong with the heat dissipation of the PC case. When starting the machine for testing, We found that the cooling fan on the PC motherboard was still stationary and the fan blade was also keeps stationary. Therefore, we are suspect that the slow operation of the machine was caused by insufficient heat dissipation of the PC case.
 Summarize of the failure 
Remove the cooling fan on the PC motherboard and replace it with another cooling fan. After starting up, the cooling fan will work with the PC motherboard, and then the machine running for an afternoon. The machine will no longer have slow operating response and troubleshooting.

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