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Philips IU22 cannot start after ultrasonic power off
Fault phenomenon
Philips IU22 Ultrasound crashes during use and cannot be started after a power outage.

The operation staff of the department reported that the system crashed during use of IU22 at first, and the system crashed after being shut down and waited for 20 minutes. After a period of use, the system crashed again. The cycle repeats. After a sudden power failure occurs when the system crashes The device cannot be started.

The IU22 ultrasound cannot be started. First consider whether the power supply is normal, so first check that the input voltage 220 V, AC, and the stabilized power supply line are normal, and eliminate the abnormal power supply.

Because the IU22 ultrasound encounters a short power failure during the crash, it is suspected that the power failure may cause the IU22 to enter the over-voltage protection state, so the capacitor voltage is released after the power failure, and then the power is turned on again for testing. The IU22 resumes and starts but stays The “Loading” interface cannot enter the system. Contact the manufacturer’s engineer to suspect that the system file is lost due to the power failure. It is recommended to reinstall the system, find the local system CD and reinstall the system, and the IU22 will start normally.
Considering that the operator has reported repeated crashes, based on previous maintenance experience and the description of the operator, it is suspected that the IU22 ultrasound has poor heat dissipation, causing the phenomenon to reciprocate. Therefore, the casing is removed and it is found that dust has indeed accumulated in the casing. Then, clean the fan, remove the dust, clean the filter, and dry the filter. After installation, the IU22 starts normally, and observes the later use process. No system crashes during use. So far, the fault is repaired.
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