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Philips IU22 ultrasonic alarm is lifted
Fault phenomenon
The alarm dialog box appears about 10 minutes after the Philips IU22 ultrasound device is started: 
"System temperature alert.The system has reached a crifical temperature limit,and will power down automatically in 30 minutes.Please check the system air filters before contacting TechnicalSupport.Press OK to power down the system immediately. DiagCode:001”
The operating doctor usually clicks the "continue" button to continue to use, but the system will automatically shut down after 30 minutes, and the alarm prompt will continue to appear after restarting.

Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
The alarm is that the internal temperature sensor of the device detects that the temperature is too high, and the information of the operator of the device is fed back through the computer, and the device protects itself. The possible causes of such failures are clogged air filters, aging or damaged cooling fans, and temperature sensor failures, among which the probability of failure of the temperature sensor is the smallest.
First adopt the conventional processing method, take out the filter on the lower left of the machine, and find that the filter has a serious accumulation of dust. After booting and using, it is found that the system still displays an alarm prompt, and the system will automatically shut down when the time is up.
Walking to the back of the machine, the temperature is obviously increased, and the back cover of the machine feels hot. After turning off the machine, open the back cover of the machine, observe the internal panel, and find that there is very little dust accumulation. After turning on the machine again, check the cooling fan at the rear of the device. All five fans are rotating. Enter the temperature and voltage utility interface, and see that the return values of other temperature sensors are all 30 ~ 55 ℃, but the temperature of the right graphics card is 94 ℃. The reason for the failure is that the graphics card fan is aging, the necessary speed is not reached, and the insufficient heat dissipation capacity leads to high temperature Alarm, the device runs normally after replacing the fan.

The maintenance of ultrasonic equipment must first learn to analyze the error report information, analyze and locate the fault according to the specific description of the information and the error code, and then troubleshoot the fault according to the order from easy to difficult, from outside to inside. The inspection room of the ultrasonic equipment is required to maintain a certain temperature, humidity and cleanliness, and the filter screen should be cleaned regularly. It should be noted that the cleaning period of the filter screen should be appropriately shortened in the dry season.
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