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 Hitachi EUB-5500 Ultrasonic Troubleshooting(1)

Fault phenomenon
After starting up, the normal system interface cannot be entered."Now Setting System data.Please wait...The system is in Settings, please wait for...", and the prompt persists after a longer wait.
Hitachi eub-5500 color doppler ultrasound application software relies on Windows XP System. When the System runs to "Now Setting System data", the System has been started and set. The color doppler ultrasound application software is starting and calling relevant Setting parameters.This kind of fault is due to color ultrasound accident power down, abnormal shutdown, incorrect operation, resulting in configuration file damage, the application software can not normally call the configuration file, so the system has been prompted to set.Generally, after deleting the later configuration file and restoring the factory Settings, the normal startup of
the system can be restored, and then the parameters can be set and saved again.
Normally, after each adjustment parameters are need to backup operation documents, daily work, even if not a failure, also need to set up files for backup on a regular basis, convenient system software failure after the relevant Settings file can be reinstated in a timely manner, shorten the time required for troubleshooting.
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