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Rongtao Medical GE Ultrasound LOGIQ 3 fault maintenance case 1

The fault phenomenon
The GELOGIQ3 color ultrasound scanning area has no echo, and the probe does not work, but the machine recognizes the probe normally, and the process of switching the probe is normal.
Failure analysis
After the machine is started, HVPS high-voltage board is controlled by FEC board for high-voltage output, and pulse signals are sent to TXB board and then through the probe interface board to reach the probe. Ultrasonic echo signals received in the normal working process of the probe are transmitted to the FEC board through RXB board and then reach the image processing system.
All probe scanning area is switched in the process of fault phenomenon and anechoic thus the possibility of probe’s fault can be excluded, leading to the common failure for high HVPS clamp without high voltage output, thus HVPS high pressure plate and control the output voltage of FEC plate failure has a big probability, and launch machine receiving circuit (FEC - DBF - TX/RX - CON) in any part of the problem may also lead to the failure occurs.Replace HVPS high pressure plate and FEC plate for testing respectively. After the machine is started up, the scanning area still has no echo, so we can exclude the fault of HVPS and FEC plate.During the maintenance process, we noticed that the probe does not work after the machine is started, and under normal circumstances, the probe should enter the working state with the machine when the machine is powered on. Therefore, the interface board of the machine probe may have faults.
Replace the probe interface plate for testing. The machine starts normally and enters the working interface. The scanning area has echoes.It still works well after changing probes,then the fault of probe can be excluded.After inspection, short-circuit fault was found in the interface board of probe on the original machine.

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