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GE LOGIQ E9: The Operate Keyboard is Out of Control


Fault phenomenon

When the GE LOGIQ E9 color ultrasound pressed the unlock button, the operating keyboard was still locked and could not be moved.


Failure analysis

After the lock repair and calibration is done in the system service program, the fault remains the same;

Remove the motor locking mechanism in the fault leg, press the test button after starting up, the motor rotates normally, but the locking slider cannot move at the end, so it is judged to be the locking slider fault.


When the device is powered on, press the unlock button to ensure motor rotation. At the same time, release the locking slider with a special tool and reinstall the device.Enter the system service, do lock repair calibration, restart the system after the normal.


Maintenance personnel to meet GE LOGIQ E9 color ultrasonic diagnostic system operating keyboard can't unlock or could not be locked when a failure, do not rush to replace the lock motor, as long as the electricity test motor can be moved to normal by the debugging to resolve the problem, if the lock slider stuck near the motor end, the keyboard can't locking fault happens, similar treatment. 

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