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GE vivid E9 Error reported at startup Troubleshooting 

Fault phenomenon
After the GE VIVID E9 is turned on, the main display shows an error message during the progress bar, indicating that it needs to be shut down, and then it automatically blacks up and cannot enter the system.

Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
GE VIVID E9 host hardware is mainly composed of 4 parts:
(1) Main power supply, providing the power required by the whole machine;
(2) Back-end processing system, system control and ultrasonic image processing;
(3) Front-end processing system, ultrasonic wave generation and reception;
(4) Operation desk, keyboard, touch screen and display.

According to the fault performance, the judgment is caused by the failure of front-end and back-end communication.
(1) The mainboard back-end processing system motherboard failure;
(2) The output circuit of the main power supply is faulty;
(3) The communication control board of the front-end processing system is faulty;
(4) The front and rear connection cables are faulty.

Start with simplicity: unplug and fasten the front and rear cables, and restart to start successfully.

At the beginning, I thought that the fault had been resolved. As a result, the machine failed again after a few days of use, and this time the fault was more serious. There was no image display on the main display after booting. Check the back-end motherboard. The CPU fan stops after a few turns. Make sure that the motherboard is not started. Check the back-end power indicator and the input voltage indicator is normal. Based on the previous failures, it is judged that the back-end motherboard of the host is faulty.

Solution: Replace the main board of the back-end processing system to solve the fault.
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