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Siemens S2000 color Doppler startup failure maintenance (2)

The fault phenomenon
The S2000 machine automatically shuts down in about half an hour of normal use, and no error message appears during the shutdown process.

Failure analysis
The color ultrasound machine automatically shuts down during use, usually due to a partial power supply failure or poor heat dissipation from the machine.

Due to the normal startup process of the machine, first consider whether the accumulation of dust inside the machine causes the heat dissipation capacity of the machine to decrease. After opening the case, it is found that a large amount of dust has accumulated in the case. After dust removal and cleaning, the machine is turned on again for testing. Shutdown failure, thus judging that the failure should be related to the heat dissipation effect of the machine, the possibility of failure of the power supply part is low.

Because this fault condition is similar to the general computer cooling fault, the general computer will crash or automatically shut down when the motherboard CPU temperature is too high, and the CPU temperature is too high due to a failure of the cooling fan or the power supply circuit of the motherboard itself. In the S2000 machine, the RM board is similar to the computer motherboard. Replace the board for testing. Touching the RM board during the replacement feels hot, further confirming the possibility of the poor heat dissipation of the RM board.

After the RM board was replaced, the power-on test did not recur after one afternoon, and the fault was eliminated.
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