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Techinical support | What parameters do you need to know about the ultrasound equipment(1)
At present, there are many brands of color doppler ultrasound equipment. How to choose the machine you like in terms of price, performance and use?

1.Clinical scope and focus of application
Ultrasound is applied in abdomen, heart, superficial organs, peripheral blood vessels, lumen, intraoperative and angiography..At present the classification mainly divided into the whole body machine, the abdomen obstetrics and gynecology USES the machine, the superficial organ blood vessel USES the machine, the heart machine, so you must seek the brand and the model according to the need.
For example, GEVIVID series is good at heart;Medison machine the strength is abdominal obstetrics and gynecology, but the cardiac function is weak.The Japanese-brand machine has excellent abdominal imaging quality, but it’s less ideal for heart imaging due to its technical shortcomings.

The probe categories varies: convex array,linear array,phased array,cavity,cardiac cavity catheter probe,transesophageal probe.You should consider the probe you choose whether it supports harmonic imaiging function.

3.Two-dimensional grayscale imaging system
Digital beamforming technology
2)The number of transmit/receive channels
3)Receiving dynamic range of ultrasonic signal
4)Scan line density
5)Dection depth
6)Frame rate
7)Whether tissue and contrast harmonic imaging are supported
8)Composite imaging technology
9)Organize doppler
10)Code excitation and various pulse wave control imaging technologies
11)Grayscale blood flow imaging technology
12)Linear array probe trapezoidal imaging technology
13)Wide-field imaing technology

4.Spectral doppler imaging system
1)Doppler type: PW,CW,HPRF and etc
2)Displsy mode
3)Movie playback time
4)Measuring speed: Maximun/Minimum
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