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Introduction of Philips Ultrasound Machine

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Sonos4500/5500/7500 Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument was originally an ultrasound product of Hewlett-Packard Company, USA. It was returned to Agilent Company and finally settled in Philips Company. At the time of launch, Sonos4500 was a full-body computer with abdomen as its main part, Scnos5500 was a full-body computer with heart as its main part, while Sonos7500 was a high-end heart computer with real-time three-dimensional and IDI network interface added on the basis of 5500. However, in terms of machine structure, the three models belong to the same family and have strong similarities in the process of maintenance. Therefore, the three machines are analyzed together.
Internal structure of model
In addition to the external probes and monitors, the machine can be roughly divided into four parts: power, key scanner, front-end scanner and back-end converter.

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