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Hitachi EUB-5500 Ultrasonic Troubleshooting(4)
Fault phenomenon
After starting up, there is no image in the image area, and the characters around the image area display normally.

Switching to another probe allows the system to identify the probe type, and the size of the image region varies depending on the probe, but there is no image in the image region.

With the random system CD, when CD start, about 15 minutes can enter the normal operation interface.After the completion of the CD boot, the image area is still no image, basically eliminate non-software fault.

The back cover of the color ultrasound body and the PC part were opened, and the functional circuit boards such as DBF (digital beam fomer), AWP, EPI (extended pulse im aging) and MAP (M edia A cce lerated Processor) were replugged and restarted, with no change in failure.The indicator light on each function board was observed and no red light was found to be on.But at this point, put the probe to your ear and listen carefully. When thawing, there is a buzzing vibration in the probe, indicating that the crystal in the probe has started to vibrate, and the emitting circuit part is normal.Lock the fault on the receiving or processing display.

The receiving and processing part mainly involves DBF board, EPl board and MAP board, among which EPl board and MAP board belong to PC part.The MAP board also includes two boards, M1 and M2, which are the same. The indicator lights on M1 and M2 are different under startup condition.There are 4 indicator lights on M2, indicating ± 3.3v and ± 5 V respectively, while there are 3 indicator lights on M1, indicating ± 5 and -3.3v respectively, lacking the indicator of + 3.3v.No + 3.3v voltage was measured.Therefore, M1 is highly likely to fail.Remove the M1 board from another normally used eub-5500 machine and replace the faulty M1 board. After starting up, there are images in the image area, and the machine will return to normal.According to the repair manual, MAP is responsible for smoothing and enhancing the image data transmitted from the EPl board, and then converting the image data into synchronous TV signals for display on the graphics card.Thus, the failure of the MAP board directly leads to the failure of the image output.
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