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How to repair ultrasonic equipment crash?(2)
Equipment brand: Aloka color ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Model: A5
Fault phenomenon
The machine has detected abnormal voltage. Please restart the system.

Fault description

1. The CW of the diagnostic instrument can only be used in cardiac condition, and under other conditions, it has no CW function, so the CW plate may be damaged.

2. In case of failure, the working voltage of CW is measured by the attached power box with a significant drop. It is considered that the fault may be related to the attached power box.

3. This fault may also be caused by CW signal trigger and loss of communication function.

4. The cardiac probe (phased array probe) is composed of PW and CW, and the cardiac probe may be damaged.

5. The software system is damaged, resulting in the lack of functions of CW.

After the replacement of the attached power box and related circuit boards were invalid, the cardiac probe was replaced and no crash occurred. The problem was solved. The reason for the failure was that the damage of the cardiac probe caused abnormal voltage supply in part of the circuit of the machine, and the machine was required to restart.


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