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How to repair ultrasonic equipment crash?(4)
Equipment brand: Philips ultrasonic diagnostic instrument

Model: HD11

Fault phenomenon

Sudden crash in the process of use, restart after a period of time and sudden crash repeated.

Fault description
During normal use, all functions can be used normally, resulting in a crash. The possible reasons are as follows:

1. Problems with the system software;

2. Bad contact in the inner part of the machine;

3. The hard drive is bad or damaged;

4. Memory chip or mainboard fault.

5. First, reinstall the software. After backing up all the preset conditions, put the system disk into the cd-rom drive and reinstall the system.

6. Then check the hard disk of the machine to see if there is any bad channel. The hard disk will be removed and tested with the software to detect the bad channel.Then check the front end and back end of the color doppler ultrasound, remove all the board CARDS, clean and unplug them once, start up and test for 1 hour, and the crash situation appears again;

7. After careful analysis, I think it has nothing to do with the front end of the machine, which is mainly concentrated on the PC host at the back end. After reading the maintenance manual, I think the problem is mainly concentrated on the memory and PC mainboard.

8. Replaced the conventional computer memory chip and found the boot screen was black.Later, I put the memory stick to another HD11XE machine for testing and used it for several days without any problems.

Replace the mainboard problem solved.

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