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Maintenance methods of ultrasound system

6. After the color Doppler ultrasound is fully cleaned and disinfected, it is assembled and corrected, and the tightness of each nozzle is strictly checked. Use a clean cloth to cover the equipment, and affix a sign of standby status. The equipment should be placed in a suitable environment as required for easy use at any time.

7. For equipment that has not been used for more than one month, the equipment should be cleaned completely, the cleaning time should be more than one hour, and the equipment should be tested and tested according to the maintenance manual and instructions to check whether the equipment is operating normally. It must be taken seriously and not perfunctory.

8. Carry out the cleaning of the surface of the equipment, check whether there are stains on the surface, whether the shell is smooth, whether the spin keys and buttons are normal. For equipment packaging and appearance damage, it is necessary to make a record and take photos of the inspector and the acceptance report.

9. According to the contract configuration requirements, carefully check and record the model, name, specification and quantity of the equipment on the packing list. Check whether the performance and quality of the equipment are in good condition. If the model and quantity do not meet the list, make a record and save the original packaging of the equipment to facilitate the request for compensation or replacement by the manufacturer.

In summary, the frequency of use of color Doppler ultrasound is increasing, which increases the probability of color Doppler ultrasound failure. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance and repair of color Doppler ultrasound, comprehensively guarantee the safety and quality of color Doppler ultrasound, ensure the smooth progress of various medical tasks, and improve the treatment effect of patients.
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