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Repair case: Philips IU22 screen flickering
Failure phenomenon
The screen of the Philips IU22 color Doppler ultrasound device is blurred and there are black vertical lines, and the fault still exists after multiple restarts.

Failure analysis
The screen position covers the scanning fan-shaped area of ​​Philips color Doppler ultrasound, so it is speculated that the reasons include the following aspects:
First, the display fails.
Second, the PC graphics card is faulty.
Third, the video conversion board is faulty.

First, verify whether the display is malfunctioning. The result of using the monitor shows the same failure, so the monitor problem can be eliminated.

Second, verify whether there is a problem with the video conversion board. If you use VGA to connect to the workstation, if there is still a problem with the screen, you can troubleshoot the converter board.

Third, determine whether there is a problem with the PC graphics card. Remove the color Doppler ultrasound PC graphics card of the same model and install it on the faulty machine. As a result, the fault disappears and it can be determined that there is a graphics card problem.

The color Doppler ultrasound PC host is a special customized component. The graphics card is different from the commonly used computer, and it is difficult to buy similar products in the market. By observing the surface of the graphics card, it is found that the capacitor is swollen. After replacing the capacitor, troubleshoot the problem.

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