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GE Vivid E9 Ultrasound Monitor Fuzzy Screen
Fault phenomenon
After powering on, the system boots normally, but the main monitor displays abnormally, and there is a blurring phenomenon. The system can start to the ultrasound application interface, the touch screen display is normal, and all the functions of the operation interface are normal.

Failure analysis and Troubleshooting
(1) Determine whether the display signal is normal. Check the workstation connected to the machine, the collected images are displayed normally, and the display signal problem is eliminated. It can be judged that the video signal output from the back end is normal.
(2) Confirm whether the DVI cable from the back end to the monitor is normal. Unplug the DVI cable from the monitor and plug it into the monitor of the workstation, the image is displayed normally. Troubleshoot the DVI cable.
(3) It can be judged that the display is abnormal due to its own failure
(4) Check whether the power supply of the monitor is normal. Disassemble the outer frame of the monitor and check the power supply line of the monitor. After measurement, 48Vdc and 12Vdc are normal.
(5) Eliminate the power supply failure of the display. Check whether the chip is damaged or the drive cable is not in bad contact. The latter is easy to operate and has a greater possibility. Since the machine has only been used for 2 years, the possibility of chip damage is small, so first open the display case and re-plug the LVDS Arrange the cables to eliminate signal cable problems. Re-plug the 4 sets of drive cables, each set of drive cables are 40 lines, the wiring is tight, a slight deviation will be out of adjustment.
If the locking ability of the 40-pin interface lock is not good, it may cause frequent display screens. After re-plugging and re-plugging the 4 sets of drive cables, the display has been greatly improved, and it is determined that the contact is poor. After repeated adjustments to the cables and interface tightening, the fault is eliminated.
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