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Fault phenomenon
When the S2000 machine starts, there is an error alarm indicating that the disk needs to be inserted. After the machine starts, there is interference when it enters the two-dimensional interface of ultrasound.
fault analysis
Because the machine needs to be inserted into the disk after starting, but it can enter the two-dimensional interface of ultrasound to judge the software failure of the machine system. After reinstalling the software of the machine system, restart the machine, and the machine no longer prompts the need to insert the disk, but there is still interference after entering the ultrasonic working interface. Due to the interference of all probe machines still exists, the machine is moved to another room for boot-up test. After entering the ultrasonic interface, interference still occurs, eliminating the possibility of external interference and interference caused by probe. The fault should be caused by the internal plate or power supply part of the machine. The TR board in S2000 machine is responsible for generating waveforms and simulating the echo signals received by the probe. If TR board fails, it will cause the most possible interference to the machine.
Fault summary
There are three TR boards in S2000 machine. When the number of TR boards fails cannot be determined, TR boards can only be replaced. After replacing TR boards at TR0 position, there is no interference when the machine starts to enter the two-dimensional interface of ultrasound, and the machine is in normal use.
Color Doppler Ultrasound Machines can generally infer the cause of machine failure from the phenomenon of failure, thus effectively improving the maintenance efficiency, but this requires maintenance personnel to have a full understanding of the structure and working principle of the machine.
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