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Philips EPIQ 7C:Time is too long to start up

Fault Phenomenon
Philips EPIQ 7C ultrasonic equipment stops at the logo of Philips randomly after starting up. The duration of stopping is different, sometimes more than 5 minutes, sometimes more than 10 minutes or more, and then it continues to start. After starting up, the control panel is available and the machine works normally.

Fault analysis and solutions

Philips EPIQ 7C model will initialize the external device during startup. Problems with the external device or connection wire will cause startup to slow down.

EPIQ 7C machine peripherals include control panel, hard disk, optical drive, back-end display module, display screen, ECG (ECG module), etc.

Among them, the initialization of interface such as display and ECG does not operate the equipment, but only initializes the controller, which generally does not slow down.

The back-end display module is connected through the COME module, which means that the plate-to-board connection has a small probability of problems. At the same time, the normal graph after startup also indicates that there is no problem with this connection.

The control panel, hard disk, and OPTICAL drive are all connected by a cable, and a problem with the cable or device may cause a slow start.First of all, the control panel can be normally used after starting up, so the probability of problems is small.

Secondly, the hard disk and the connection line have been out of speed phenomenon, during the reading process there will be some sudden block, read speed suddenly decreased, in order to solve the speed phenomenon in the fault has been replaced, but the boot time failure phenomenon still exists, so can also be eliminated.

Finally, the only thing left is the DVD drive and the cable. Unplug the DVD signal cable on the machine, and the machine starts up at a normal speed. Confirm that the DVD drive caused the slow start up.

After testing the disassembled cable on other machines, it was confirmed that it was the cable problem. The client side should be the fault caused by the bad contact caused by the cable bending.

Therefore, in case of such problems in the client, we can consider disconnecting or replacing peripherals one by one for testing, so as to quickly solve the problem of positioning.

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