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Knowledge of Trackball
Trackball is one of the most commonly used components in the daily use of ultrasonic equipment. Whether it is in the measurement and analysis, or in the modification of system settings, or in the playback and export of images, the help of trackball is indispensable. Have you ever encountered a time when the trackball can not change the cursor position at will? In this case, it is possible that the trajectory ball is not malfunctioning, but the interior needs to be cleaned. The introduction of this article will help you revive the trackball, and immediately put into intense work.

The first step is to turn the fixed ring around the trajectory ball counter-clockwise (some models need to rotate a few more cycles, others only need to rotate 90 degrees counter-clockwise).
The second step is to remove the retaining ring.
The third step is to take out the trajectory ball.
The fourth step is to clean the dirt on the positioning rod.
The trajectory balls of some products use light-sensitive trajectory balls. After removing the balls, the dust and paper scraps inside the transparent ball carrier can be cleaned with a brush.
For clean light-sensitive trajectory balls, it should be noted that in order to use soft brush or dry soft cloth, we must not scratch the bottom of transparent ball holder, otherwise it will affect the effect of laser transmission, leading to the abnormal use of trajectory balls.

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