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                                                         ALOKA SSD-3500 Maintenance case 1

Fault condition
: After the SSD-3500 machine starts up, there is a fault that the blue reading strip can not enter the ultrasonic working interface continuously.

Failure analysis: SSD-3500 machine normally opens up with blue circular reader, accompanied by alternate flashing of green and yellow keys in the control panel. Blue progress bar appears under the monitor after the circular reader passes through. Finally, the machine shows loading SSD-3500 system and entering the ultrasonic working interface. The start-up failure of SSD-3500 machine usually occurs in the first or second step, which shows that the blue circular reading bar can not be terminated, or the blue progress bar under the monitor can not load SSD-3500 system after reading, resulting in two kinds of failures: system hard disk or motherboard failure.
When the SSD-3500 machine starts, the DISK indicator on the control panel should be on and flashing continuously, indicating that the machine is reading the hard disk. In this fault, the DISK indicator on the machine starts has not been on, indicating that the fault should be caused by the system hard disk.

Troubleshooting: After replacing the system hard disk and rein-stalling the system software, the machine restores normal operation.

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