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First, the failure phenomenon:

The machine has a blue screen when it is turned on and cannot be started normally.
Second, the failure analysis:
On-site consultation using the doctor learned that the machine did not make any changes to the machine hardware and software before the blue screen appeared, the blue screen code is 0x000000ED, the code generally points to the hard disk failure. After the machine is disassembled, the hard disk of the machine is detected. It is found that the hard disk has bad sectors, and the bad sectors of the hard disk often cause the hard disk to work normally and affect the startup of the machine. Since the direct repair of bad sectors of the hard disk will result in the loss of data of some sectors of the bad track, an attempt is made to check and repair the data of the hard disk to ensure that the color system software carried in the hard disk can operate normally.
Finally, testing and repair:
Repair the system hard disk and work normally after the machine restarts.
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