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Philips EPIQ 7C: V6-2 Probe Artifact

Failure phenomenon

The 2D image of the Philips EPIQ 7C ultrasonic three-dimensional volume probe V6-2 has an artifact on the right side of the center, and the artifact is more obvious after the image is colored.


First swap the slots between V6-2 and C5-1, and observe that the image of C5-1 is normal, and the artifacts in the middle right of the image of V6-2 still exist. It is determined that it is not the problem of the slot interface.

Then there may be bubbles in the probe V6-2, select V6-2 for the probe, turn on the 4D mode, let the motor in the probe rotate for a period of time, then switch back to the 2D mode, and hang the probe upside down for a period of time. If there are bubbles, the above two steps are mainly It is to eliminate the bubbles in front of the array element. But image artifacts still exist after the above two steps.Moreover, the artifacts are elongated after painting.

In the end, it may be that an array element in the probe is broken. Freeze the machine. Unplug all the probes and U disk to enter the maintenance service interface and perform probe test under Hardware Utilities. Copy out the test log (log) and analyze it. It is found that there are four elements in the probe damaged. In engineering practice, the energy of a single element is small when it is launched. Generally, multiple elements are combined to transmit, which plays a role in controlling the signal. Next, each array element is grouped and combined and excited in a certain way to form different emission beam scanning. If the array element is damaged, part of the image cannot be scanned.

The device image returned to normal after the probe was replaced, and there was no failure after a period of trial.

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