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Philips EPIQ 7 system reports error "511"
Failure phenomenon
The Philips EPIQ 7 Ultrasound was suddenly powered off during use, and then suddenly powered off after it was powered on. After encountering two sudden power failures, it turned on again. An abnormal startup failure occurred. The display stayed on the "PHILIPS" interface for a long time, and finally entered the boot interface. Error "511" is reported, and the device cannot be used normally.

Failure analysis and Trouble shooting
According to the description of the operator, re-plug the main power cord of the EPIQ7 ultrasound and press the power button to turn it on. It is found that the interface that the display stays on for a long time is the BIOS detection interface (see the figure below). Restart into the BIOS interface and check that the BIOS settings do not appear The problem, according to the BIOS test, is only for the self-test of the front end of the EPIQ7 when it is turned on. Therefore, if there is a problem with the front end of the device, it is suspected that the fault should occur outside the front end.

Unplug the ACQ and power REG PCB from the back-end PC, remove all the front-end load, and leave only the PC part. It is found that the fault remains, and it is determined that the fault should lie in the PC part.

Enter the boot interface and report the error "511", check the error log and find the message "Plantform Monitor failed to start the Digital Media Manger process", which means that some components have failed to start, so it is necessary to find the failed components to determine whether it is the root cause of the failure.

Remove all the circuit boards and cables connected to the PC motherboard, leaving only the hard disk, memory and graphics card. After restarting the EPIQ7 ultrasound, it was found that the BIOS detection interface was quickly completed, and the system was turned on normally without an error, and the fault was eliminated.

It is judged that the damaged parts are among the parts that were just removed. Insert the parts that were just removed one by one each time and then restart the device. It was found that the fault recurred after the DVD cable was plugged into the motherboard. The fault still exists after replacing the DVD cable. The DVD damage caused the EPIQ7 failure. After replacing the DVD, the EPIQ7 is normal, and it can be used again.
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