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                                          GE 9L-D Probe Image Interference Troubleshooting

Failure phenomenon
GE Vivid E9 ultrasound instrument 9L-D probe interferes in color blood flow mode, other probes and imaging modes are normal.


First judge whether the probe is faulty, take the probe to another Vivid E9 for testing, and the display is normal.

After excluding the cause of the probe itself, it was suspected to be a use environment problem, and the equipment was moved to another ultrasound clinic to start the test, and the fault disappeared. In order to determine that the fault is caused by the use environment of the equipment, it is necessary to find the source of interference.

Turn off all the electrical equipment in the clinic one by one, and the fault has not disappeared; disconnect the power connections of the electrical equipment in the clinic one by one. When the main plug of the reporting workstation is removed from the power strip, the interference is reduced, and the source of the interference is suspected to be in the workstation A link in the power supply connection.

Continue to disconnect the power outlet of the workstation, and the interference disappears. Repeat the test to confirm that the image interference is caused by the power strip connected to the workstation. Replace the power strip and solve the fault.

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