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                                                                                                         GE LOGIQ3 fault maintenance case 2

The fault phenomenon
GE LOGIQ3 machine boot display start working but the screen still didnt works and show nothing,control panel indicator light on.
Failure analysis
The machine is not connected to the workstation, so it cannot be judged by the output image observation of the workstation. When the external display is started, the same phenomenon of black screen is found, and the fault of the display itself is eliminated.Since the control panel indicator keeps working during the startup process, the possibility of power failure is small, and the PC part of the machine is suspected to be faulty.
PC chassis, after open the machine casing and the motherboard after connecting the PC power supplies and computer hard disk,at the same time connect the computer monitor output image, separate start the motherboard and found no display, then make sure its the failure of the mainboard, after the replacement motherboard and start LOGIQ3 machine, the machine is still show the same failure phenomenon, due to the change on the system board still use the original machine CPU and memory chips, when use a piece of embedded CPU mainboard after start the machine, the machine normal boot, display normal output ultrasonic work interface, thus concludes its the motherboard CPU machine fault.However, when starting the test the next day, the machine appeared blue screen, and then started the machine again appeared black screen failure, repeatedly starting test found that the machine sometimes can start normally, sometimes appeared black screen, failure appeared irregularly.As the machine appears black screen again, it occurs after the machine starts up with a blue screen, and the blue screen phenomenon is generally caused by the failure of the machine peripherals or some PC hardware or the conflict between the hardware and software of the machine, which is commonly a memory chip fault.

Purchase the same type of memory chips for testing, when the machine starts,no longer exist the black screen fault, then fault removed.

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