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Techinical support |Common sence of the color ultrasound machine maintenance(2)

Dust removal

1. Use high pressure fan to remove dust.
2. Key parts of dust removal include:
Power cabinet circuit board cabinet filter fan unit 3. Keyboard, TGC controller and trackball
1. Clean the surface and probe of the equipment with a high-quality towel and mild detergent.
2. When cleaning the probe, do not pull the cable.
3. Do not wash the filter with water.If it must be washed, the filter must be fully dried before it is installed on the machine.
4. When using the wet towel, please wring it out to prevent water droplets from entering into the machine.
Reassemble and boot
1. Reassemble the dismantled parts back to the machine.
2. Carefully check the cable connection to ensure it is correct and firm.
3. Check that all removed parts and screws have been installed on the equipment.
4. Reassemble the peripherals and cables to their original state.
5. When starting up, pay attention to the start-up process of the equipment, and then check the function of the system.
1. The customer representative shall conduct functional tests on the machine to confirm the normal working state of the equipment.
2. Restore the site to its original state and clean it.
3. Precautions:
In the above work process, if conditions permit, the hospital engineer should be invited to follow up and observe.
Avoid contact with electronic components.If contact components, be sure to use antistatic wrist bands or other effective antistatic measures.
Before disassembly, important parts should be photographed or recorded to prevent mistakes in reassembly.
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