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Siemens S2000 color Doppler startup failure maintenance (1)

The fault phenomenon
The S2000 machine restarts repeatedly after being turned on and cannot be used normally.

Failure analysis
S2000 color ultrasound machine signal processing and control module is mainly composed of probe interface module, input and output module and electronic system module, in which electronic system module includes TR, CB, RC, BE, VI and RM board, TR, RC board and probe interface module ( TI Module) to complete the ultrasonic signal processing function, collectively called the front-end part; BE, VI and RM board is responsible for the ultrasonic signal data subsequent processing and the overall control function of the machine, collectively called the back-end part.

General color Doppler machines have abnormal startup problems, which may be caused by the failure of the back-end part or the power supply part. Observe the AC main power (AC) indicator of the machine. It is found that the indicator does not appear abnormal when the machine is restarted. The back-end part of the machine includes BE, VI and RM boards.

The RM board is the Real Time Manger CPU board (RM). This board is similar to the main board in the computer. It is the core part for controlling various functions of the machine. After the board is replaced, the machine still restarts after repeated restarts The failure of the RM board may be tested by replacing the BE and VI boards. After the VI board is replaced, there is no repeated restart failure after the machine is turned on. The machine can still be used normally for 1 hour after the start-up test. It is determined that the failure is caused by the VI board.

After replacing the VI board, it can be used normally after the test and the fault is eliminated.
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