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Philips IE33 ultrasonic diagnostic instrument common fault troubleshooting(7)

Fault phenomenon
During the use of the machine, the image is out of sync (image delay, once every two or three days at the beginning), and there is an eha206 error occasionally. After that, the phenomenon of image delay appears every day. It will be fine after shutdown and restart, but it will appear again after a long time.

Check the fault log, and all the errors point to sip. Focus on troubleshooting sip. First, plug and unplug the PCI wiring of dolphin on SIP, and then plug and unplug the board card on SIP. The fault is still the same. Then swap SIP with host's dolphin, and the fault is still there. After several operations, it was found that the sound of a CPU fan of SIP was sometimes abnormal. After careful observation, it is found that the fan speed is not normal sometimes. Check the log again and select temperature. It is found that the temperature of SIP / CPU is too high to 82 ℃ (normally, it should be around 45 ℃), which results in the decline of SIP processing function and image delay. Replace CPU fan and sip, fan temperature returns to normal, troubleshooting.
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