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  Techinical support |Common sence of the color ultrasound machine maintenance

1.Operating procedure for cleaning and maintenance
1) Turn on the power, check whether the startup and operation functions of the equipment are normal and whether there is any error message.
2) Record the name, model, hardware and software version of the device, and configuration of the probe.
3) Ask the user about the use of the equipment.
4) To turn it off.

2.Remove the peripheral parts of the equipment and disconnect all cables from the equipment
1) Pull out the power cord of b-mode ultrasound from the plug and cut off the power supply of the equipment.
2) Carefully remove the probe from the connector and place it in an appropriate place for storage.Preventing accidents such as dropping, collision and cable pulling
3) If b-ultrasound is equipped with external devices such as printer and video recorder, these devices should be disassembled and separated from the host.
4) Disconnect the signal line and control line,which connected with b-ultrasonic.Note the cable interface location for future recovery.

3.Remove the device
1) In order to achieve an effective dust removal effect, the equipment must be dismantled.
2) The location of the cable connector is very important. Although most equipment has a device to prevent wrong insertion, it is still important to remember that the connector being put correct.
3) Separate the shell, components, etc. of the equipment with appropriate tools and in a correct manner.These jobs do not require much effort under the right operating procedures.But improper disassembling methods and violent disassembling will lead to equipment damage.
4) The screws and other parts which being departed before must be carefully stored, in order being lost.
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