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                                         Philips EPIQ:Ultrasound crash troubleshooting


Failure phenomenon

The Philips EPIQ 7 color Doppler ultrasound system crashes frequently during use, and it crashes again after 2h after restarting. The machine was purchased for less than half a year. Every time it is turned on, the startup process is completely normal, there is no error message, and there is no error message record in the self-check information database.

Failure analysis
The system crashes during normal use. The possible reasons are:
1. Failure of the PC terminal;
2. Color Doppler ultrasound power failure;
3. Display failure;
4. Signal control module.


(1) Check the instrument and eliminate the display failure. The output of the power supply module is normal. When the failure occurs, the status indicators on the PC side are displayed normally. Remove the PC side and connect the external display. The display is normal when the computer is turned on, and the PC side failure is eliminated. Observe the signal control circuit board, the indicator light shows normal.

(2) Observing the fault performance repeatedly, it is found that the fan at the bottom of the color Doppler ultrasound instrument has been buzzing and working after the host is forced to shut down when the host is not shut down. Refer to the operation manual of the device. It is a cooling fan. When the temperature sensor detects that the internal temperature of the color Doppler ultrasound is high, it will work. After shutting down, remove the cover screws and open the back cover and side panel of the machine. It is obvious that the internal temperature of the machine is too high. Therefore, it is judged that poor heat dissipation has caused the protective redundancy of the instrument or the signal control unit to crash after overheating.

Open the bracket around the cooling fan at the bottom and remove the filter. It is found that there is a small amount of dust. After cleaning and drying, it is installed back to the machine and restarted. The fan speed is uniform and normal, and there is no more crash.

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