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GE vivid7 maintenance case(2)

Fault case 2
The Vivid7 BT04 color image quality is poor, but the color image using the cardiac probe (M3S) is normal and the high frequency abdominal probe is color malfunctioning.

Fault analysis
The fault of color image is shown in the figure, which mainly focuses on the transmitting and high-pressure parts of the machine, and has little relationship with the software.

(1) replace the probe jack after the fault is still;

(2) adjust the frequency parameters of the image after the fault is still;

(3) adjust the gain to the less, find the phenomenon has changed;

(4) enter the system test and F2 enter the system test under service. All the tests in the front section passed, but TX cannot be tested.

(5) as the image of the cardiac probe is normal, it can be judged according to the reason of image formation that the cardiac probe is phased array phased controlled emission, which may be the problem of the launch channel.

(6) the machine with two TX launch board, exchange TX launch board immediately after the fault disappeared, but some loss of other functions, replace a TX launch board after troubleshooting.


The above mentioned case of machine failure mainly comes from the damage of equipment hardware, but signal acquisition, processing, scanning parameter selection and location selection will also cause the corresponding failure.There are many physical factors that affect the ultrasonic diagnostic image.

By analyzing the physical principle of imaging, the cause and mechanism of machine fault stroke can be clearly understood.Color doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument is a valuable and precise medical equipment, whether maintenance or maintenance need to be careful, do regular maintenance and preventive maintenance of the equipment.

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