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GE vivid E9 ultrasonic trouble shooting(2)
Fault phenomenon
The 17-inch LCD monitor is discolored and streaked, but the image displayed on the workstation is normal.

Fault analysis
According to the failure phenomenon, it is judged that the graphics card output of the machine is normal, which is a problem of the display itself. First, save a few pictures, then check the monitor's POWER / USB CABLE and HDMI CABLE, and connect the HDMI CABLE to the external display to find that the displayed image is normal, indicating that the HDMI CABLE is intact and the output signal is normal.
Then, open the back cover of the monitor and reconnect the internal wiring one by one according to the Main 17-inch LCD Monitor Block Diagram (Figure 1).

When touching the flat cable connected to VIDEOCNTL, the image displayed on the monitor is normal. In order to confirm that it was not the occasional accidental recovery of the display, the flat cable was slightly shaken, and the display was discolored and water streaked again, and the fault point was finally determined. The flat cable was originally designed to be directly connected, and now it is fastened with hot melt adhesive after improvement. After the flat cable is fastened, the display image is normal, and the image previously saved on the clipboard is also normal!

Use hot-melt adhesive to fasten the flat cable connected to the VIDEO CNTL inside the display, and the fault is resolved.
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