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Maintenance Case of Trackball in color Doppler Ultrasound

Fault phenomenon

When operating the rolling trajectory ball, the measuring mark moves out of order, the star mark moves fast or slowly, sometimes a certain direction is uncontrolled and the fault is irregular.

Fault analysis
From the analysis of the phenomena that sometimes there is no star Mark and sometimes the star mark can be controlled, it is shown that the measuring mark control circuit works normally, and the causes of the failure of color Doppler ultrasound may be: the virtual welding of the circuit elements or the poor mechanical contact in the transmission system, the inspection should focus on the trajectory ball operating box. Further detection found that the trajectory sphere box and photoelectric unit were covered with dust, resulting in damage to use.

The dust on the photoelectric unit and the component board in the box is repeatedly cleaned up with a brush and anhydrous alcohol. After installation and restoration, the trouble is eliminated and the color Doppler ultrasound can be used normally.

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