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                               Mindray DC-8: No image in the echo zone of the probe


Failure phenomenon
After the Mindray DC-8 color Doppler ultrasound device is started normally, there is no image in the middle part of the echo area of the probe. After many times of unplugging and plugging the probe and restarting, there is no change in the fault phenomenon, and there is no prompt or error message.

According to the failure phenomenon and personal maintenance experience, judge according to the following methods:

First, replace the probe to another slot. If the fault phenomenon is the same as the original one, the fault of the probe slot can be eliminated. Then, check whether there are missing images in other probes. It is found that the image in the middle part of a convex array probe is completely missing, and two parts of the image in a linear array probe are missing. The possibility of simultaneous failure of the two probes is extremely small, and the probe failure can basically be eliminated .

Second, contact the manufacturer&’s engineer to assist in the judgment. According to the failure phenomenon, the image problem may be caused by the failure of the ultrasound transmitter board, the ultrasound receiver board, and the image signal processing board.

However, it is difficult to judge which board card caused the fault. You can use the self-check function of the ultrasonic equipment to perform auxiliary detection and judgment. Click the "Maintenance" item on the "Preset" menu, open the "Maintenance" menu, and click "Self-check" Carry out the self-check of the system, the self-check reports the error of the signal processing board. After replacing the signal processing board, the equipment returns to normal.

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