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 GE vivid7 maintenance case(1)

Fault case 1

Turn On the power and press On/Stanfby. The ultrasonic diagnostic device cannot start normally.

Fault analysis

Because Vivid 7 hardware is composed of the front end and the back end, its fault phenomenon is analyzed according to the activation sequence of Vivid 7.

(1) judge the machine is the front part or the back part of the fault caused by the failure of the normal start;

(2) the machine back end of a separate test, check whether it can start normally.The back end of the machine is mainly composed of microstar dual-core motherboard, ATX power supply, AGP graphics card, hard disk, ECG card, ETHERNET card, PCVIC board and PC2IP2B board.


(1) Remove the machine back-end components from the host, open the back-end chassis, input 220V ac power supply to the back end;

(2) Find the motherboard's pvon-on jumper, short circuit 6/8 feet (as shown in the picture) 


(3) When it is found that the back-end part still cannot start normally, it is necessary to continue to confirm whether it is the problem of the motherboard or ATX power supply;

(4) Find the mainboard power board wiring block, with a short wire connection short circuit 13/14 (black and green) connector, at this time the back end of the power switch unimpeded;

(5) Input ac 220V into the back end, test the power voltage of each foot according to the ATX power sign, and find that there is no 3.3v voltage in the foot 1/2/11. It is judged that there is a problem in the ATX power supply at the back end. Repair the 3.3v power supply and test it on the machine after repairing the power.


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