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1.The fault phenomenon
After reading the tags, you will not be able to enter the operation interface.
2.Failure analysis and troubleshooting
The loss of files is usually a system fault, and the system can be restored after reinstallation. According to the customer's feedback, there are important patient information and parameters in the machine. In order to maximize the customer's interests, we try to repair the system.
Since the prompt file is missing, it is theoretically possible to recover the lost or damaged file by filling in the missing or damaged file. At the same time, because the user cannot enter the operation interface normally, the abnormal information should be found through the log file.The operation steps are as follows:

Step 2: according to the prompt path, it can be known that this file is the user's default file. After opening this file, it is known that only some basic information and Settings of the machine are recorded in it, and relevant parameters required for diagnosis are not affected
Step 3: copy the same file in another system for replacement, connect the machine to start up and use normally, and help the customer to backup the data again.
Color super data should develop the habit of regular backup, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble when failure.
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