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                                            GE VOLUSON E8: The machine can't be start up


Failure phenomenon
The GE VOLUSON E8 ultrasound power button is on, and the machine has no response when pressing the power button and cannot start.


After opening the outer cover of the machine, it is found that there is a lot of dust inside the machine, which is not convenient for maintenance. First, remove the dust from the machine.

There is no response when the device is turned on. It is judged that there may be a problem with the power supply to the main board or a faulty switch button during startup.

It is detected that the mainboard power supply is normal, but the voltage does not change when the power button is pressed. Remove the power button for measurement. When the power button is pressed, it is connected. It is suspected that the power supply to the motherboard is faulty. Replace the power supply. The device still has no response after replacing the power supply part, and troubleshoot the power supply part.

Considering that the main reason for booting may be the failure of the back-end, so I plug in and pull out the board test, leaving only the bootable motherboard, memory, and power supply. You can start the basic input/output system (basicinput/utputsystem, BIOS) and add other board tests one by one. The device does not respond after the main graphics card is started, it is determined that the main graphics card is faulty. After replacing the main graphics card, the device returns to normal, and the fault is eliminated.

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