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GE Vivid 7 Failure to boot Troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon
The GE Vivid7 color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system is used as an example. After the device is turned on normally for about half an hour, the screen goes blank momentarily, and there is no response after turning on the device.

Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
The first step is to check the color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument connected to the AC 220V power supply and the AC fuse. If there is no abnormality, eliminate the fault caused by the input part;

The second step is to open the case cover of the color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument. It can be seen that the circuit boards in the case are arranged in a compact manner, and a large amount of dust is attached to the surface of the circuit board. After the dust removal treatment of the circuit board, the experimental boot test shows that the color The Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument starts to return to normal, and all functions can be operated normally, but the color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument shuts down again and the black screen cannot be turned on again after about 0.5h after startup, and the fault phenomenon is exactly the same as before;

In the third step, the observation shows that the CPU cooling fan of the color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic system cannot run normally. After the shutdown, the cooling fan is directly replaced, and the failure is finally eliminated, indicating that the failure is caused by the failure of the CPU cooling fan.

In the practical application of color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment, there are many reasons that cause the CPU to overheat. In addition to damage to the cooling fan, it may also be caused by factors such as too compact device design and accumulation of dust on the surface of the circuit board.

In addition to the need to replace the damaged cooling fan in time to help the color Doppler ultrasound system to reduce the temperature during operation, the maintenance personnel should also carry out dedusting and maintenance on the equipment regularly to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system.
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