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GE LOGIQ P6 fault repair case 1


Failure phenomenon

All probes on the GE LOGIQ P6 machine interfere with the color Doppler mode of operation.

Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

LOGIQ P6 machine plate structure is simple, plate function integration is high, the color Doppler processing function of this machine is on SYSCOM motherboard, generally this kind of interference considers the probe itself failure, external interference or SYSCOM motherboard and APS power supply.
Since all probes of the machine have interference, all probes are unlikely to fail, so consider other faults first. Pushing the machine to another floor room for testing still has interference problems and eliminates external interference. APS power failure may cause interference to the machine's access voltage. It may be possible to eliminate the APS power failure after the replacement test. Finally, the SYSCOM motherboard was replaced, the machine started to work normally, and all the probes entered the color Doppler working mode without any interference, and the fault was eliminated.

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