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Common Fault Manifestations of Doppler Ultrasound Equipment
1. Equipment Failure

1.1 The boot time is too long

When the color Doppler ultrasound equipment is turned on normally, it will display the normal operation interface after 5 seconds. During the process, the equipment completes various self-checks, allowing the operator to operate the equipment correctly. When the existing fault type is that the device cannot display the interface correctly after a long time, in some cases, it fails to jump to the software operation and display interface even after tens of minutes, and some devices will have a black screen problem. Judging from the final operating results, the equipment is required to complete the correct display of all information within 2 minutes.

1.2 The device shut down in order to do self-check 

When the color Doppler ultrasound equipment is started, it will complete the self-inspection of the circuit board and each sub-system. Only when the operating quality of all equipment is confirmed to be correct, can it jump to the operation interface of the equipment. In some cases, power outages may occur during the equipment self-inspection process, which will not only cause the equipment to fail to complete the self-inspection work, but also cause a strong impact on some of the precision components, resulting in further degradation of the equipment’s operational stability. In addition, when this problem occurs, it can be found that the power indicator flashes on the back of the device, and this phenomenon usually still exists after the device is restarted.

1.3 Fuzzy display on the device

When the color Doppler ultrasound equipment is turned on, it will enter the software initialization stage. During this process, the overall display quality must be observed, and the final display result must be exactly the same as the normal operation requirements. When a fault occurs, there will be a problem of flickering on the display, which is usually difficult to complete the correct display of related information during the operation. In addition, I found that even after restarting, usually this problem cannot be solved.
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