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How to repair ultrasonic equipment crash?(3)
Equipment brand: GE ultrasonic diagnostic instrument

Model: LOGIQ 9
Fault phenomenon
In the operating room, ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation was carried out for several consecutive days when the machine crashed during operation. After automatic restart of the blue screen, it was normal to push back to the ultrasonic examination room.

Fault description
1. As the place where the fault occurs is the operating room, the overheating problem of the instrument should be considered first. It is found that the temperature of the instrument is normal and the blue screen is still on when the machine is started up again.
2. Considering that the operating platform of the instrument part of the computer is Windows, the error of the blue screen is mainly related to Windows and the computer hardware it relies on, namely the BEP system. If FEP system fails, special error code will usually appear, and the background color of the blue screen will not be displayed.
3. Check the memory strip after disassembly and re-insert, the machine will start up normally and the operation will continue. When it is pushed back to the ultrasonic examination room again, the startup test finds that after Windows starts up, the system will crash when the blue bar indicating the loading progress displays to the third blue bar during the loading application.
4. At this time, it is likely that the instrument frequently travels between the operating room and the ultrasonic examination room, and the PCI board card is loosened due to vibration in the process of transportation, resulting in intermittent interruption of communication between the BEP system and the FEP system.

1. First of all, check the outer interface line of BEP system and the interface line of FEP system successively. After re-plugging, the fault still remains.
2. Transfer the focus of troubleshooting to the BEP system and inspect PCI card and line one by one according to the signal input sequence. When the second display signal card is detected, the card is found to be unstable.

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