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Philips IU22 Ultrasonic Error at Boot "518"

Fault phenomenon
The screen of Philips IU22 color ultrasound device stays on the scroll bar interface when it is turned on. After 30 s, a dialog box error code 518 appears. You can choose to enter the settings or directly shut down the dialog box below, but you cannot enter the system operation interface. Restarting the device cannot be solved.

Fault analysis and Troubleshooting
Enter the setting interface, use U disk to export the system error log, analyze it by the manufacturer engineer using Philips special software, and determine that there is a problem with the system file. It is recommended to reinstall the system.

Previously, the hard drives removed from scrapped computers and equipment used hard drive burners to make hard drive backups for Philips IU22 and IE33 and other common devices. IU22 has 3 hard drives, labeled HDD0, HDD1 and HDD2, where HDD0 is the system drive, HDD1 and HDD2 realize image storage.

Replace the system hard disk first, and report 602 error after booting. It is analyzed that the codes of the software and sub-hard disks do not match. After the backup HDD1 and HDD2 are replaced, the device boots normally, enters the system operation interface, and tests all functions are normal.

When conditions permit, it is important to do a good job of backing up equipment systems and data. At the same time, the hard disk of the scrapped equipment can be used to back up the system and data of commonly used ultrasound equipment, which can effectively use resources.

The hard disk capacity of the early ultrasound equipment is mostly 500G, and hard disks above 4T may not be recognized. The backup should be performed with 1T or 500G hard disks.
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